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Concentrated advantages of China gi conduit manufacturers

As we all know, Tianjin Daqiu Zhuang is a gathering place for steel pipe manufacturers, and Tianjin steel pipe manufacturers are almost all concentrated in this area. From a national perspective, Daqiu Zhuang is also a very important production base for gi conduit. Even many foreigners know the name of Daqiu Zhuang.

Why do everyone have to build a steel pipe factory together? So the price of galvanized steel pipe is not very transparent, what profit is there? In fact, price and profit are also an important reason for these factories to build factories.

We know that the production of raw materials requires raw materials, and the finished products need to be transported. These need to be included in the price cost of the product. If the steel pipe manufacturers are built in one place, the transportation cost of raw materials and finished products will be greatly reduced, thus obtaining a part of the profit margin. By giving this part of the profit space to the customer, a price advantage will be formed.

This alone does not allow everyone to build a factory. After all, the specifications of the gi conduits produced by everyone are different and do not need to compete in one place. In fact, this is what all manufacturers want to do. If a customer needs more specifications, the manufacturer can not fully meet the demand, you can directly transfer goods from the neighboring manufacturers. This is convenient for both customers and help each other. It is a win-win strategy.

Such an advantage would offset some of the disadvantages of quotation transparency. For example, the customer consults the gi conduit price, and the price consulted by one manufacturer may be similar to that consulted at another. Under the condition of transparent price, the competition is the quality and strength of the products.

For the customer, the concentrated advantage of the steel pipe manufacturers brings better products and low prices, as well as convenient transportation. Therefore, this advantage is a win-win advantage for gi conduit manufacturers and customers.

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