Galvanised steel gi conduit pipe price

We are the leading galvanized steel gi conduit pipe supplier. It is widely used in UAE, Malaysia and so on. Size:20mm,25mm,32mm,40mm……

2021.07.01(Price is always changing according market)

SizeFOB price
16mm gi conduit price2.472 usd/pcs
20mm gi conduit price3.561 usd/pcs
25mm gi conduit price4.528 usd/pcs
32mm gi conduit price5.883 usd/pcs
40mm gi conduit price7.431 usd/pcs
50mm gi conduit price9.366 usd/pcs
60mm gi conduit price14.030 usd/pcs

What affects the price of galvanised gi conduit?

  1. Raw material.

Gi conduit is made of galvanised steel strip, and as we all know, the price of steel changes every day, so this also leads to the price of gi conduit changing all the time.

  1. Manufacturers.

The price of galvanized steel conduit varies depending on the manufacturer, and the quality produced by different manufacturers is not the same. Generally famous manufacturers produce better quality, with strict control of wall thickness tolerances and the amount of zinc on them in accordance with national regulations.

  1. International exchange rates

International exchange rates can affect the price of gi conduit. International exchange rates fluctuate from time to time, our factory price is the price of RMB, converted into U.S. dollars affected by the exchange rate, when the exchange rate is high, the price is cheaper; when the exchange rate is low, the price is more expensive.

  1. Shipping cost

Sea freight is always changing, if you need CIF price, sea freight is necessary to consider. Take UAE country as an example, the price of sea freight has increased from 1000usd a box to 10000usd a box in these two years due to the influence of epidemic. The high sea freight cost makes our customers temporarily give up the purchase demand, because after shipping to the country, the price has exceeded the purchasing power of consumers. We must consider the shipping cost factor when quoting as well as walking the goods.

In short, the price affecting gi conduit is always changing, if you want to need a good quote, please contact us: 0086 13302063626. We will give you a reasonable proposal within 3 hours.


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