bs4568 steel conduit

BS4568 / IEC 61386 galvanised steel conduit

  • Standard: BS4568 suitable for IEC 61386
  • Easily bended
  • Clend end
  • Bright surface
  • Inner welded line ≤0.3mm
  • Outer welded line is smooth


Galvanised steel conduit have a perfect performance in

  • Threading test
  • Zinc layer testing
  • Stamping tests
  • Bending tests
  • Other physical and chemical tests.

Galvanised conduit data sheet:

Size (mm)Outside DiameterThicknessThread Length(mm)Length
16 mm15.7 mm16.0 mm1.4±0.1511.5 mm13.5 mm3750
20 mm19.7 mm20.0 mm1.6±0.1513.0 mm15.0 mm3750
25 mm24.6 mm25.0 mm1.6±0.1516.0 mm18.0 mm3750
32 mm21.6 mm32.0 mm1.6±0.1518.0 mm20.0 mm3750
40 mm39.5 mm40.0 mm1.6±0.1519.0 mm22.0 mm3750
50 mm49.5 mm50.0 mm1.6±0.1519.0 mm22.0 mm3750
  • Class 3 and Class 4
  • Both end: threaded both end with one end coupling and one end plastic cap

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 BS 4568 vs BS EN 61386

BS4568 and EN61386 are both British standards for galvanised steel conduit. BS4568 has been widely used in Commonwealth countries since 1970. This standard is the harmonized standard of the entire EU, but many parts of the Commonwealth still use the BS4568 standard like the Middle East and Asia.

In 2004, the International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) released IEC 61386. The new standard released is the fusion of EN50086 and BS4568. Generally, the Americas do not adopt the IEC standard, but Europe, Asia, and Africa all adopt the IEC standard. At present, the requirements for threading pipes in the Middle East, the European Union, Southeast Asia and other regions all need to meet the requirements of EN 61386.

Where can I download bs4568 conduit free PDF data sheet?

You can download it from the link: