Low Smoke Zero Halogen Electrical Conduits And Fittings

  • Standard: IEC61386-21, IEC60754-1/2
  • Non-toxic
  • Free halogen
  • Non-heavy metal pollution
  • Lower embodied energy
  • Higher impact resistance
  • White plastic



What is LSZH conduit?

Low smoking zero halogen conduit also called LSZH conduit, halogen free conduit, LSZH white conduit, LSZH plastic conduit,produced by Leap has attracted more and more attention from the world. The main function of LSZH conduit  is to reduce the area of smoke spreading when a fire occurs, and to effectively release the poisonous gas in the cable, protect more people’s lives, and help people escape the fire scene faster; the second is to reduce the acidity and corrosion caused by burning objects Natural gas damages electronic equipment, such as telephones, computers, etc., causing irreversible losses. It is widely used in subways, basements, tunnels, aviation, ships, automobiles, housing and other fields.

It has a perfect performance in

  • Environmental friendly electrical conduit, non-toxic, free halogen, non-heavy metal pollution, lower embodied energy, higher impact resistance
  • Halogen-free plastic tube according to IEC61386-21 and IEC60754-1/2
  • Material: Halogen free material compliance with IEC60754
  • Resistance to compression: heavy 1250 N
  • Resistance to impact: heavy 6J
  • Lower temperature range: -15℃
  • Upper temperature range:+105℃

features of LSZH conduit

RE1250 16165/8″4433
RE1250 20204/5″4433
RE1250 25251″4433
RE1250 32321 1/4″4433
RE1250 40401 4/7″4433
RE1250 50502″4433